Community Power Assessment Tool

Community Power Assessment ToolCommunity Power Assessment Tool is intended for residents living in the community to take ownership of assessing how their own community is sustainable. Through this assessment process, the objective is for the residents to understand the status quo of their region and to connect their understanding to improvement measures.

We hope that the Community Power Assessment Tool can be used by those who are working hard to revitalize their regions while grappling with depopulation, the ageing of the population, promotion of sustainable primary industry, conservation of the natural environment, cyclical local economy, and other issues in communities in which residents have taken ownership of the revitalization efforts. Therefore, the definition and range of “region” or “community” differ from community to community; whatever unit the local people are working on would be considered a “region” or a “community” for the sake of this tool.



1. About Community Power

1-1. Background

1-2. Objective and Target of the Assessment

1-3. Overview of the Assessment Tool

1-4. How to Use This Assessment Tool

2. List of Assessment Index Items

3. Descriptions of the Assessment Index

3-1. Mutual Help
(Participation and Cooperation among Community Members)

3-2. Economy, Finance and Industries (Regional Cyclical Economy)

3-3. Natural Environment
(Preservation and conservation of the regional Environment)

3-4. Good Living (Health, Education and care for disadvantaged)

3-5. Public Facilities (Support for Sustainable Living)

3-6. Culture and Tradition
(Preservation and Continuation of culture and Tradition)

3-7. Subjective Measures of Happiness
(Satisfaction with life and hope for the future)

4. Looking Toward the Future:

Linking the Community Power Assessment Tool to Future Endeavors

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