Community-based SMEs

Saga Prefecture
Case Study #5

Considering what can be done for our children and continuing to take on challenges.

KMTec Co., Ltd.

KMTec Co., Ltd. is a student venture founded in 2006 by Yusuke Kume, president and CEO, while studying at Saga University. KMTec Co., Ltd. is engaged in the development of environment-friendly products to procurement, construction, and sales under the theme of “Creating a Healthy Society for the Next Generation.” We spoke to Kume, who is working on projects that take the environment and energy efficiency into consideration, and also focusing on regional cooperation, based on the strong belief of “developing technologies and products that will be passed on to children.”

Recognition from Hearing

Points and the necessary support for initiatives that lead to the improvement of sustainability of SMEs with close ties to the community

• Kume, who had felt a lack of collaboration between local SMEs and universities since before his founding, said he felt it might be interesting to be able to bridge this, and he is now actively collaborating with the local community. Currently, industry-government-academia collaborations are taking place in various parts of the world, but in the age of the SDGs, further collaboration beyond various positions is required.

• When attempting to expand sales channels further from the region in the form of SMEs support, it is also important to have a flexible mechanism that transcends the framework of local government and financial institutions. With regard to the award system and certification, it is also important to clarify the purpose of the system and to improve the system of awards while also considering the effects of the award on each company.

Linkage with the SDGs

KMTec Co., Ltd.’s business includes product development to resolve social issues with technology, development of products with consideration for the environment and energy efficiency, and development of local communities and the fostering of the next generation. These projects contribute to the achievement of SDGs Goals 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, and 17.

Hearing (Date: July 12, 2019: Hearing cooperation: Green prop Co.,Ltd.)

Corporate Information

Company name: KMTec Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment: June 12, 2006
President and CEO: Yusuke Kume
Head Office: 2-10-3, Hyogo-Kita, Saga-shi, Saga Prefecture
Capital: 1.8 million yen
Business Activities:
– Vacuum environment business (development, sales and construction of energy-saving lighting)
– Development, manufacture, and sales of disaster-prevention products
Number of employees: 3