Community-based SMEs

Tama Region in Tokyo
Case Study #8

We want to make everyone involved to enjoy happiness

K & AI Corporation

As a wheelchair manufacturer, K & AI Corporation emphasizes the creation of a corporate culture that flexibly responds to the wishes of customers and the needs of society, develops an in-house system, and creates a climate where employees can say what they want to say, while passing on the technologies and know-how cultivated over our long history. Nobutaka Kitajima, the third generation president, spoke about the company’s business succession and future challenges.

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Recognition from Hearing

Points and the necessary support for initiatives that lead to the improvement of sustainability of SMEs with close ties to the community

• Establishing a management philosophy and instilling it within the company is important to clarify and share goals in order to establish a sustainable organizational foundation.

• By sharing business status, it is possible to foster the proactive involvement of employees in the business.

• By actively utilizing the support of regional credit associations and government, access to information on human resource development and management is possible. For this purpose, it is also important to have a link between SMEs and support providers.

Linkage with the SDGs

K & AI Corporation’s initiatives, including providing wheelchairs that adapt to social needs and our customers’ wishes and creating an ingenious internal system and corporate culture, contribute to the achievement of goals 3 and 8 of the SDGs.

(Hearing Date: October 8, 2019)

Corporate Information

Company name: K & AI Corporations
Date of establishment: January 1955 (founded May 1936)
President and CEO: Nobutaka Kitajima
Head Office: 85-2, Okadomachi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
Capital: 16 million yen
Business Activities:
– Design, manufacture, sales, and repair of custom-made wheelchairs
– Sales and repair of various types of domestic wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs
– Sales of customized nursing care equipment and related products
– Production and repair of sitting retention equipment
– Rental of nursing care equipment based on the Public Nursing Care Insurance Law (rental of welfare equipment) Housing renovation work
Number of employees: 28