Community-based SMEs

Saga Prefecture
Case Study #7

With the mission of “Creating a recycling-oriented town and revitalizing the local community”

Torikai Corporation

Torikai Corporation is committed to regional revitalization through diversified business management. We interviewed Yoshiharu Torikai, the president and CEO, who devotes all his energy to town development and human resource development and shows his employees his strong desire to revitalize the town of Kiyama and his continuing attitude of learning.

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Recognition from Hearing

Points and the necessary support for initiatives that lead to the improvement of sustainability of SMEs with close ties to the community

With a policy for human resource development, such as flexible working styles, hiring standards, human resource development through learning, and visualization of career steps, and clearly demonstrating that human resource development applies to society not only promotes Torikai Corporation’s CSR, but also appeals to job seekers, and has a positive effect on hiring, which many SMEs consider as an issue. Various ideas are also elaborated on the website on mid-career recruitment, such as posting messages to job seekers’ families.

Linkage with the SDGs

Efforts to create a sustainable organization through the creation of employment through flexible working styles tailored to local conditions, agriculture projects that lead to regional revitalization, and the continuous learning of all employees contribute to the achievement of goals 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 17 of the SDGs.

Hearing (Date: July 12, 2019: Hearing cooperation: Green prop Co.,Ltd.)

Corporate Information

Company name: Torikai Corporation
Date of establishment: September 1, 1980 (founded on March 28, 1964)
President and CEO: Yoshiharu Torikai
Head Office: 991-2 Miyaura, Kiyama-cho, Miyaki-gun, Saga Prefecture
Capital: 20 million yen
Business Activities:
– Collection, transportation and disposal of general waste and maintenance and management of sewage treatment facilities
– Inspection of water quality, testing services, simple dedicated water supply and sanitation management services, landscaping design management services
– Housing business (Torikai Home) (NATUR-saga)
– Complete building construction (Class A in prefecture) Public construction and private construction
– Complete civil engineering work (class A in prefecture) public civil engineering work and private civil engineering work
– Land Utilization Project (Housing study group for the elderly and persons with disabilities)
Number of employees: 55